About us

CollegeTiffin is a cutting-edge food ordering platform designed to facilitate the convenience of college students by enabling them to easily order food from nearby restaurants and college canteens. It eliminates the disadvantages of traditional systems that necessitate waiting at the restaurant or canteen for food to be prepared. Instead, students can pre-order food before arriving at the restaurant, allowing the restaurant to start preparing the food so that students receive it immediately upon their arrival without having to wait. This system optimizes the order-taking process and also enables users to track the status of their food, whether it is being cooked or ready to be served. We offer a management system to canteens and restaurants to list their foods, generate invoices, and sell their food items.

CollegeTiffin aims to save students' time by connecting them with restaurant partners and colleges to cater to their food needs. Our platform allows customers to pre-order and pay for quick service, schedule orders, compare prices, and track the status of their orders. Moreover, we provide our restaurant partners with a complete management system to enhance their efficiency and streamline their operations.

What problem we are solving?

Case 1 : For Nearby Restaurants

We are given just 40 min of breaktime for food, if we decide to go outside college to eat food, and lets say we order momo. Now momo won’t be already cooked. The restaurant prepares momo for us and they cook it for us. ( This process takes around 30 min, until we reach nearby restaurant and wait for food to be prepared. Now it will take another 10 min to eat food. This way it already took 40 min to eat food and we need to return back college and we are always in hurry and late for the classes! ) If there was a platform from which we could advance order food from the app or schedule food order then we could order the food like 20 min before we go to restaurant so restaurant can ready the the food for us. So students doesn’t needs to wait for the food to be cooked.

Case 2 : For College Canteen

For canteen they don’t have a proper management for online payments and it is very much crowded. At canten few month ago they put qr payment option and there started problem, many students started claiming that they already made payment but the canteen dai don't know if he receive the payment from which student i.e the money is not managed, since everyone looksup for online payment these days but there is no good tracking for anything, with our platform canteen can manage orders and they can also estimate how many students are coming to eat food at what time. Cureently if students want to order momo then the canteen dai can prepare the momo for him, they don’t precook momo because they don’t have estimatation of how many students are going to have momo, and again student needs to wait for 15 min+ to get the momo and this way the canteen is always crowded.

Solutions for this problem :

Our platform allows canteens to predict the number of orders they will receive, enabling them to prepare the required amount of food. This eliminates the need for students to wait for their food. We also solve the problem of online payment for the canteen and provide them with easy control over the entire process. They can update the daily menu and provide information about the available items. This makes the whole process more manageable.